the absolutely true diary of a middle aged adventurer

I’m just over 40 years old. So I’m not really middle aged yet. Nor am I really an adventurer either, but a never grow old hippie business development consultant who loves gardens, the great outdoors and travel. English is not my native language, nor I live in an English speaking country, but my life happens in English. For the rest, however, most of the stories in the diary are true, and some of them even make sense.

I had just had my 40th birthday, but I didn’t feel that old. Had you asked me, I would have told you I was 30, maybe a few years more tops. I was recently married to a man a lot younger than me (by 6 years and he was hot). I had been moving up on the career ladder with some huge steps. We were travelling, going on outdoor adventures, starting new hobbies. Life could not have been better.

And then I was diagnosed with a tiny, local cervical cancer. I was operated and life was supposed to continue as if nothing had happened. Instead, it turned out to be a nearly three years fight for recovery due to an error made in the surgery and the following malpractice. While I was fighting for my physical health, I did all I could to keep my mind busy with happy things; outdoors, adventures and mindfulness. And that is where this blog got started.

Now, I am learning to live a normal life with chronic pains, tiny bladder and a sense of humour blacker than coal. I have become a certified mindfulness instructor, I managed to get a dream job and I am finally able to make plans for the future. One of those plans is to work with my husband’s company making adventures possible for even more people.

Disclaimer: I give a lot of advice, ask any of my friends (or my husband – poor guy). Sometimes I might openly disagree with even your doctor about what is good for you. I advise you not to pay attention, as I am professionally qualified only to advise you on how to run your business, not your health or your life. But if you do read something that you like here, and follow my path – you do it because you choose to and you are fully responsible for whatever happens then. Even in the accidental case of feeling good about it.