It is amazing how many women grow up and forget how good it feels to climb a tree or sit on top of a big rock. Cross a muddy stream and eat a sandwich full of sand grains and drink from a stream (well, that is an experience you belly might not let you forget, so careful with that).

Outdoor adventure is so much more than spending a month in the wilderness or skiing unsupported to the South Pole. Some of the best outdoor moments can be lived at your own backyard. Pitch up the tent with your girlfriends or kids, light some candles (far enough for the burning materials!) and just breath in the night air. Discover your inner child, do all those trips you couldn’t as a young girl, repeat the ones you have the best memories of. Get your boots muddy, hair tangled and the wide grin on your face only a bit of forest time can give.

You’re never too old, too big, too skinny, too anything to start outdoor life. If you are not fit, start with a short walk. If you’re too scared to go alone, go to a popular place where there are many others like you. Find a club or join guided tours. Try it; you’d be surprised how good a bit of adventure feels.

I’m just over 40 years old never grow old hippie business development consultant who loves gardens, the great outdoors and travel. I am also a cancer survivor with chronic pains and some post-cancer disabilities and a sense of humor blacker than coal. English is not my native language, nor I live in an English speaking country, but my life happens in English. For the rest, however, most of the stories in the diary are true, and some of them even make sense.

Here I should add a long list of studies, which have shown all the health benefits of spending time in the nature, but I think we leave it this time.

Let’s rather go out.

Disclaimer: I give a lot of advice, ask any of my friends (or my husband – poor guy). Sometimes I might openly disagree with even your doctor about what is good for you. I advise you not to pay attention, as I am professionally qualified only to advise you on how to run your business, not your health or your life. But if you do read something that you like here, and follow my path – you do it because you choose to and you are fully responsible for whatever happens then. Even in the accidental case of feeling good about it.