Camping breakfast is never easy

March 25, 2018

Forget all those camping food blogs promising cooking a mess-free camping breakfast. I have no idea how those people camp, or what kind of super-humans they are cooking fancy omelettes on a camping stove. Who carries those large cookers – or fresh eggs to a camp? Not me.

After a night well slept in the tent, I tend to wake up and wonder what happened to the night. Counting how many times I woke up during the night with the mama sheep calling its young ones or the birds having a fight mid-air. And what about that root, right under my hip bones, yes, the one I thought wouldn’t matter because I was too tired to find a better place. Now you can see, why I love camping in winter. No animals around and guaranteed soft ground to sleep on.

Breakfast usually happens too early, camping breakfast is no different. On this particular trip, the sun was just slowly rising above the mountain peaks around us. It wasn’t quite strong enough to warm the air. While husband was running around with his camera, I sat by the camp stove boiling water for my coffee. Careful about not tipping the boiling water over on the uneven soft surface, I made two cups of coffee. More water to boil for some oats, balancing the cooker on the rock and enjoying the first sips of what would bring some life back to my body.

I had no milk powder for my coffee nor for the oats. Yesterday I had put, what I thought was milk powder, into my coffee and got a strange chemical reaction instead of a nice milky drink. Turned out I had taken a bag of pancake mix instead of milk. I could have made pancakes for breakfast, but of course, I didn’t have any butter with me either, so oats it was. Oats are a safe option for camping breakfast in any conditions. Upgrade the otherwise rather tasteless bowl with dried berries or fruit. Even better, with fresh berries if they are in season. Can’t go wrong.

After a couple more cups of hot brew and a large bowl of oats, husband was ready to leave. I would have loved to stay a bit longer to enjoy the silence. It always surprises me how quiet the animals are at day time. Real life and work were calling, so I had no option but to reluctantly follow my husband back to the car park. It had been a great Saturday night out.

Don’t know what happened the day before? Read it from here.



  • Sitting outside at midnight. Got to love the Arctic summer. 
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  • Advertising versus reality. Thanks for the best morning giggles ever @scandicrovaniemi #scandicbreakfast #makeyourbreakfastshine
  • Today I was grateful about being able to ski. And to ski right here. Not everyone has that privilege. 
#myoutdoordiaries #adventurematters #womenwhoexplore #outdoorwomen #feelingalive #skiing #skitouring #outdoorlife #begrateful #thelittlethings
  • Freshly groomed ski tracks, sun and look at all this space! And for my foreign friends - yes, it is a frozen lake. Not a field. 
#myoutdoordiaries #adventurematters #skiing #winterfun #bestmedicine #feelingalive #exploremore #outdoorwomen #outdoorlife
  • Found some old photos on my phone. 3 summers ago, the first night of the first ever cycle tour. A week of freedom between the weeks (months) in and out the hospital. #savedmylife

#adventurematters #myoutdoordiaries #womenwhoexplore #outdoorlife #cycletouring #gopedal
  • January sunset. 
#adventurematters #myoutdoordiaries #outdoorlife #womenwhoexplore #viewfrommywindow #sunset #mtvsaa

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